Pork Pie Roundabout – A Driving Instructor’s Guide

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Ready to get driving on the Pork Pie Roundabout?

If you’ve ever driven in Leicester, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across a difficult roundabout at some point- there’s certainly plenty about! Pork Pie Roundabout, despite its funny nickname, is notorious for striking fear into new drivers in and around the Leicester area. Pork Pie Roundabout a major island on the junction of the main Leicester ring road. It links a number of the busiest roads within the Leicester area and so can be a challenge, especially at busy times. You can approach it from many different directions so you might want to practice entering and exiting with some variations- it creates a totally different driving experience for you. The roundabout is connected to the A563, which is one of the main arteries which comes out of Leicester. It’s also linked to the B5366 and the B5418 which flows from Aylestone to Wigston. Want to know where the name Pork Pie Roundabout came from? It’s the Pork Pie Library and Community Centre, which is sited on the junction of Southfields Drive & Stonesby Avenue, so called because of the circular structure of the building, similar to a Pork Pie. For learners who are taking their tests from the South Wigston Driving Test Centre, this roundabout is one of the most difficult challenges! That’s why Awards Driving School have put together a guide for all drivers on the best strategy to handle the roundabout with confidence:

General Roundabout Tips

Here at Awards Driving School, we understand that tackling roundabouts can be one of the most challenging aspects of learning to drive. What’s most important is to always remain calm, remember that if you miss your turn, you can always travel around again and have another go, there’s no need to rush. Alternatively, if you’ve signaled left too early, take the turn even if it’s not your desired exit point. You can simply turn around when it’s safe to do so and take the right exit upon re-joining the roundabout. Other than remaining calm, it’s important to remain aware of joining the roundabout at the right time, travelling in the correct lane and being aware of traffic manoeuvres around you. These are all aspects of roundabout driving that your instructor can help you with. Read our guide for the Pork Pie Roundabout below for what to watch out for specifically:

Pork Pie Roundabout Breakdown

Entering the roundabout The Roundabout has four main entrances that are controlled both onto and off the Roundabout by traffic signals. There are also another two junctions that are uncontrolled, so no traffic lights, these latter two are the ones that tend to cause the most problems. When approaching the Pork Pie Roundabout from these uncontrolled junctions, then it is of the utmost importance that you are aware of your position and the traffic that can be approaching from your right at quite high speed. They will have come through a green light, and when people come through a green traffic light then tend to be less vigilant as they feel justified in their actions. Moving onto the roundabout Once you move onto the Pork Pie Roundabout it is vitally important that you observe correct lane procedure. Most accidents occur here due to people changing lanes before checking their mirrors, it is especially difficult for learners to move from the right-hand lane on the roundabout to the left-hand lane but with a little patience and good instruction then it is a skill that can be learned quickly and safely. Remember to always stay calm, especially at busy times as losing concentration is the easiest way to make a mistake. If it helps, count the number of exits until your turn off in order to keep track of where you are. Leaving the roundabout Once you have safely transferred your vehicle to the left-hand lane, you need to indicate your intention to leave the roundabout, make sure that you don’t indicate too early or too late as both these signals often confuse other drivers, who will be looking to move onto the roundabout. Once you have exited the Pork Pie Roundabout then make sure that you are in the left-hand lane. If you are not, then move over to the left hand when it is convenient and safe to do so; making sure that you do not inconvenience other drivers. Please be aware that there are several Pedestrian Crossings on both approaches and exits on the Pork Pie Roundabout. These signals should not be confused with the traffic lights that control the roundabout. Follow these details and we are sure you will be safe on Pork Pie Roundabout. If you’d like any further information on driving tips or help, send the Awards Driving School team an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. If you’re looking to learn to drive or wish to have any refresher lessons, give us a call today on 0800 955 3800.