Manual Driving Lessons Leicester

Awards Driving School offer professional driving lessons for manual vehicles across Leicester and the rest of Leicestershire. We have a fleet of vehicles ready for you to learn in so you can pick the car that’s right for you. All of our instructors are fully trained and ready to get you on the path to acquiring your licence. Manual driving lessons are preferred by many for a whole array of reasons. Here’s why we recommend learning in a manual car if you can:
  1. Once you have a license for a manual car you can drive both- manual and automatic! The same does not apply if you learn in an automatic vehicle.
  2. Automatic cars are more expensive and only available in certain makes and models. They’re also harder to find used.
  3. Insurance premiums for drivers with just an automatic license can be up to 43% higher than those with a full license.
  4. Manual cars offer drivers better fuel efficiency. The gearbox is less complex and therefore wastes less fuel.
  5. You get greater control as a driver. Although automatic cars can change gears for the driving conditions, they aren’t able to anticipate a change that a driver might and adapt accordingly.

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We have been offering driving lessons in Leicester since 2004, and have worked hard to provide all those in the Leicester area with driving tuition of the highest quality. Feel free to get in contact with our team today on 0800 955 3800. Alternatively, you can also send us a message through our contact page and we will get in touch shortly.