About Phil

Phil Garrett

Another born and bred Leicester lad, Phil has been a driving instructor in the city for ten years. He also covers Hinckley, Coalville, and Loughborough. He says that it is absolutely crucial to show patience and understanding, and also to keep a sense of humour. Which probably explains why he sent back a photo of this lovely mug when we asked for his mugshot.

He finds that many of his pupils worry about other drivers on the road, and he needs to use his expertise and skills built up over the years to help them become more confident. Phil gets great delight from seeing an initially anxious pupil pass his or her test on the first attempt.

He says that it is important for new pupils to feel ready within themselves to start learning to drive, rather than trying to do so simply because all their peers are taking lessons. He says it is necessary to be ready and focussed.

Phil is a Grade 5 DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

Phil Garrett Driving Instructor
Vehicle Specification

– White Ford Fiesta

– 5-Speed manual gearbox

– 1.0-litre Eco Boost engine

– Petrol