About Mark

Mark Scullian driving instructorMark used to work in the construction industry, but a dozen or so years ago decided to change professions and become a driving instructor, as he loves driving, and anything to do with cars.

He has found that many of his pupils in the Leicester area think that learning to drive is going to be easy, because they have seen Mum and Dad do it so often.

It comes as a bit of a shock when they find that what Mum and Dad do so easily requires skill and practice, and that is when they start to worry.

Mark says that when that happens he needs all his skill and professionalism to help his pupils improve.

Ensuring a pupil’s confidence is key, and to that end he always takes the trouble after each driving lesson to highlight the good points of his pupil’s driving, and explain what areas need further work, and why. He believes that it is vitally important that his pupils begin to feel good about themselves.

Mark is a Grade 4 DVSA Approve Driving Instructor, and also an Approved Advanced Driving Instructor.

Mark’s Car

Marks leaner car

Vehicle Specification

– VW Polo

– 1.2-litre Turbo Petrol Engine

– 7-Speed Automatic

– 5-Door