About Graeme

Graeme at awards driving school

Graeme says that one of the most important things that a new driver has to come to terms with is the ability to look ahead. Too often, a learner driver is concerned only with what is happening directly in front of the car, rather than anticipating problems further on. He says that looking a little further ahead and identifying any potential problems a little earlier enables the driver to deal with them in a calm and confident manner, should they arise.

Graeme also says that a big mistake is to think that once you have passed the test you are the greatest driver ever, and ready to “take on Lewis Hamilton”. As he correctly says, accident statistics prove otherwise. (Even driving instructors can get involved in accidents). Graeme believes that the right attitude and respect for the road is invaluable.

Graeme’s hobbies involve sport, mainly running. He is a member of the Shepshed Running Club but also enjoys cycling, swimming, and football. He says that he has always enjoyed sports coaching in the Leicester area, and feels that driving instruction is very similar, in that one’s coaching techniques have to be adapted to each individual. He says that there is nothing better than seeing someone achieve their ultimate goal – in the case of driving, passing the test.

Graeme is aged 48 and is a Grade 4 DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

Graeme Hebden instructor car
Vehicle Specification

– Citroen DS 3

– 1.6-litre Diesel Engine

– 5-Speed Manual Gearbox