driving instructor melvyn awards

Melvyn Ward

Melvyn is the proprietor of Awards Driving School in the Leicester, Loughborough, Coalville, and Hinckley areas, and has been a fully qualified driving instructor for…
Awards Driving School Instructor Dirk

Dirk Arnachellum

Dirk gets a great kick out of seeing his pupils graduate from extremely nervous, to the point of a┬ásafe and confident driver. He also gets…
Mark Driving Instructor at Awards Driving School

Mark Gamble

Mark gets a great deal of satisfaction from seeing new pupils gain confidence, and he also enjoys taking on pupils that have not succeeded in…
Graeme at awards driving school

Graeme Hebden

Graeme says that one of the most important things that a new driver has to come to terms with is the ability to look ahead…
lee driving instructor at awards

Lee Armston

Lee is a great believer in letting pupils proceed at their own pace, rather than trying to rush them forward. She finds that by doing…
Phil Garrett

Phil Garrett

Another born and bred Leicester lad, Phil has been a driving instructor in the city for ten years. He also covers Hinckley, Coalville, and Loughborough.