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Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence

The first thing that you must do when considering taking driving lessons is to apply for a provisional driving licence. You can apply for your driving licence either online at GOV.UK or by completing a D1 application form at your local post office.

To be eligible for a provisional driving licence, you must;

  • Reach the age of 17 within 3 months. (You cannot legally drive until you reach 17).
  • Have valid proof of identity i.e Passport or a UK Citizen card.
  • Reside in the UK.
  • Provide address history for the past 3 years.
  • Provide payment for your licence of ÂŁ34 by debit or credit card.
  • Not be banned or prevented from driving for any reason.

The DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) will process your application and typically send your provisional licence within 3 weeks. This can sometimes take longer dependent upon any further personal or health details to be checked).

You will need to provide your provisional driving licence to your new Instructor to entitle you to be able to drive.

Choosing the right Driving Instructor

Our experienced and qualified instructors are able to provide exceptional driving lessons Hinckley and the wider Leicestershire area. With over a decade of experience under our belts, we know what it takes to get you motoring. Thanks to the hundreds of learner drivers that have passed through our doors, we have managed to build an enviable reputation in the Hinckley area, and it’s one we’re proud of.

We have both male and female instructors available for driving lessons in Hinckley to suit your preference. We are proud of the fact that we only ever provide the most friendly and patient tuition throughout your time with us. All driving lessons take place in dual control cars which are available in either manual or automatic transmission. You can be completely comfortable with the lessons we provide whether you are a first-time driver, or are looking to undertake a refresher or motorway course.

Choosing a Manual or Automatic Car

Manual driving isn’t suitable for everyone – you may find manual driving daunting or too difficult, or perhaps you have a disability that restricts your ability to drive a manual car? That’s why we offer driving lessons in either a manual or automatic car. 

Before you consider whether to choose a manual or automatic car, you should be aware that if you have an automatic licence, this doesn’t permit you to drive a manual car once you have passed your test.

Highway Code

It is important that you are aware of the Highway code, therefore we would advise that you read up on this before taking driving lessons. The Highway Code is in place to protect you and other drivers on the road, ensuring that we all follow the same rules and regulations. Breaking the rules of the Highway Code is a criminal offence and you must adhere to the rules at all times when in control of a vehicle.

Driving Theory Test

You are required to pass your theory test before undertaking your practical driving test. You can purchase a Highway Code book, download driving theory apps from your mobile phone or purchase theory test DVDs. You can take a ‘mock’ test at any time using the GOV.UK website.

We advise that you prepare for your theory test as soon as possible. If you would like to book a theory test, you can do so via; You will need your provisional driving licence number to hand, together with your payment details. This process should only take around 5 minutes.

Practical Driving Test

Your instructor will advise when they feel that you are ready for your practical driving test. They will advise on exactly what the examiner will expect from you and your knowledge of the rules of the road. To prepare for your test, your instructor will also carry out ‘mock practical driving tests’ so that you know exactly what to expect on the day.

This will include;

  • Checking your visibility, for example, asking you to read out the characters on a numberplate.
  • A few basic questions relating to the car itself for example, “show me how to pop the bonnet”.
  • A 40-minute driving test (Including 10 minutes of independent driving).
  • A selection of manoeuvres/emergency stop

At the end of the driving test, you will be informed if you have passed or failed your test. If you have failed, your examiner will advise on the areas that you failed on.

To book your driving test, you can do so via;

With a first-time pass rate of over 60%, you know that you’re giving yourself the best chances of passing on your first try by choosing Awards Driving School.

If you would like some information about our driving lessons Hinckley or would like to book an appointment, please call 01455 870 095 or fill out our contact page.