Looking for Cheap Driving Lessons Hinckley? Our Expert Instructors are here to help .

It can be difficult to find the right instructor for you, at a price that makes sense. That’s where we come in – our diverse team of instructors means that we’re sure you’ll find a teacher who will match your personality – and our prices won’t drive you up the wall.

Booking starts at £24 per hour, with block price discounts starting at £120. Check out our booking page for a detailed list of our prices. Alternatively, you can call us on 01455 870 095 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Pass Fast, Pass Safe

We understand the need for drivers to get up and out on the roads as quickly as possible. That’s why our motto is Pass Fast, Pass Safe. On average, our students are test-ready from around 20 – 30 hours of tuition – compared to the DSA’s expected average of around 55 – 70 hours.

But speed is certainly not everything. We will never rush our students into taking their test when they’re not ready. Firstly, it’s more important that our students are safe and confident on the roads, and secondly – we understand that not every student is the same. As such, we tailor our lesson plans to suit each student individually.

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