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How Do I Start My Driving Lessons?

Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence The first thing that you must do when considering taking driving lessons is to apply for a provisional driving licence. You can apply for your driving licence either online at GOV.UK or by completing a D1 application form at your local post office. To be eligible for a provisional driving licence, you must; Reach the […]

Motorway driving for learner drivers

Motorway Driving for Learner Drivers Guide

Did you know that as a learner driver, motorway driving is now an option? As of June 4th 2018, qualified driving instructors have been allowed to take students on the motorways in a dual-controlled vehicle. Find this daunting? We’re here to show you that it can be a fantastic option that will set up your driving career. Here’s our guide: […]

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Driving Lessons Vs Intensive Crash Courses

Deciding how you want to learn the skill of being behind a wheel is a big decision; there’s a lot of factors involved. One of these is considering driving lessons vs intensive crash courses. Need a thorough overview of your driving options? We’re here to help you make the right choices for your driving career. One of the most important […]

First driving lesson

Nervous about your First Lesson?

When you make the decision to learn to drive, it can feel like a daunting undertaking, but you should relax and enjoy the process, as in no time at all you’ll be off on your own with a new found independence. With almost 15 years of experience teaching people to learn to drive in Leicester, Awards can help you develop […]