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‘Show Me, Tell Me’ Questions

Want to know how to impress your driving test examiner with thorough and confident knowledge of your vehicle? The ‘show me, tell me’ questions are only a simple part of your driving test but they’re a great way to show your examiner that you’re confident about the vehicle you’re driving and you can explain how to ensure it’s safety and that […]

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Tips for New Drivers in Leicester

Tips for New drivers in Leicester As a new driver who’s just passed after taking their test at a driving school in Leicester, there’s so much to remember about staying safe on the roads. Here at Awards, we want to equip you in every way possible for a safe and confident driving career, the support doesn’t end when you pass […]

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Car Maintenance Tips That Every Driver Should Know; Part One

Here at Awards Driving School, we are committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for our learner drivers. With dedicated and experienced instructors, and the latest cars that are designed specifically for making your learning easier, we make passing your test as easy as possible. What happens after you pass your test though? Unfortunately, nice though they are, our […]

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The Evolution of Car Safety Features

Understanding car safety features is an important part of both the driving test and being a confident new driver. If you’ve checked out our blog post on buying your first car, you’ll know that understanding safety features is a key part of choosing the right vehicle for you. For all of you drivers looking to learn more about how the […]

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Buying Your First Car

Ready to look at purchasing your first car? Firstly, congratulations! One of the best things about passing your driving test is being able to buy your first car and get out on the road by yourself – it’s a fantastic feeling of independence. However, if you’ve never bought a car before, you may be feeling a little daunted at the […]