Book Now, Payl8r: An Easier Way to Manage Your Driving Costs

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Book your lessons now, pay for them later!

Booking lessons, finding insurance, purchasing your new car; the world of learning to drive is certainly not a cheap one, but at Awards Driving School we’re always looking for ways to get drivers out and on the roads easier – and cheaper! That’s why we’ve added Payl8r to our site, so you can purchase your lessons now and pay them back over a time period that suits you.

So, what exactly is Payl8r?

Payl8r is a simple payment option that allows you to purchase lessons through our site, and spread the cost over a period of time that works better for you. That way, you can take advantage of our block booking discount without having to fork out the cash up front. Think of it as a service, like buying a car on finance.

How does Payl8r work?

When you get to the checkout page, select Payl8r as an option, choose your plan and you’ll receive an answer within minutes. Then, you’ll pay back a monthly cost with interest rates from as low as 1%. It’s worth keeping in mind though, if you pay back in full in the first month, your loan is completely interest free.

Will I qualify?

All you need is a UK online banking account and debit card! If you’ve had no CCJs in the last three years, you’re all good to go. Applying for Payl8r also has no affect on your credit score, so nothing to worry about there.

Why should I use Payl8r?

Really, it’s completely up to you! But if you need more flexibility when it comes to your finance, it’s a great way to keep on top of your funds, without having to break the bank. If you have a steady income, but just can’t afford the block price up front, it’s definitely the option for you!

In summary,

If you’re looking to get out and on the roads as quickly as possible, but are worried about having to pay up front for your lessons, Payl8r is a fantastic way to organise your funds. The flexibility of the service means you can design a payment plan that works for you. It’s a transparent service, so there’s no surprise hidden costs – and even if you miss a payment one month, you have 14 days to make a payment before any extra charges are added.

Still not too sure? For more information, check out our Payl8r page. Alternatively feel free to drop us a call on 0800 955 3800 or email us on [email protected], and we’ll get back to you with any queries you might have.