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There’s nothing better than being able to confidently drive country roads on a fine summer’s day.

At Awards Driving School, our mission is to help you become a safe and skilled driver to help you appreciate the independence of being able to visit these great summer locations.

If you’re feeling comfortable driving around Leicester, you’re ready for your next challenge. Need any advice with independent driving? You can get in touch with our qualified instructors for any advice on independent driving and route planning as well as any driving situations you might be unsure of on these journeys.

Passed your driving test, or taking driving lessons and due to take your test soon? You’ll want to add these three Leicester parks to your list of places to visit! Now the summer months are here, you’re going to want to enjoy driving to all of them…

1. Bradgate Park

It’s no wonder this park is rated the top thing to do in Leicester by TripAdvisor reviewers. Drive here once you’ve got your new wheels and you’ve got more than 800 acres of countryside to see. Bring some friends, pack a picnic and pitch up next to the River Lin. Or visit on a Sunday and you can wander around the ruins of Bradgate House. Entry is free, so you’ll just need to pay for parking, and it’s easy to get to – leave Leicester by the A50 westwards and set your sat nav to LE6 0HB. Bradgate park is pictured above.

2. Abbey Park

Don’t fancy driving out of the city? Just a mile north of the city centre, Abbey Park is divided into two separate areas by the River Soar, which runs through it. The western side is the one for history buffs – this is where you’ll find the ruins of Leicester Abbey and Cavendish House. Over on the eastern side there’s a boating lake, miniature railway and plenty of greenery. Plus, you’ll find a cafe right in the middle. If you’re using a sat nav to get there, the postcode is LE4 5AQ.

3. Watermead Park

If the sun is shining and you fancy a barbecue, Watermead Park is the place. It has a designated area with huge granite boulders to sit on, as well as plenty of picnic benches. Elsewhere in the park there are lakes, lots of walks and plenty of cycle routes. Pack the car up before you leave and you could easily spend all day here. Use the postcode LE7 1PD.

But before you drive to any of these places you will need to have passed your driving test and that is where Awards Driving School come in. At Awards Driving School Leicester, with the right tuition and encouragement, our pupils are ‘test ready’ after receiving between 20 and 30 hours of tuition, depending on your age (the DSA suggests that many learner drivers will take between 55 and 70 hours to be ready to take their test). At the moment our first time pass rate is currently an impressive 61%.

If you would like to know more or wish to book your lessons, then get in touch with us today by calling 0800 955 3800 or through our Contact Us Page.