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Everyone makes mistakes and its only natural that you will make a few errors when taking your driving test. A lot of this can come down to nerves. When under pressure it can be more difficult to make quick decisions and remember the small requirements when driving. We have compiled a top 10 list of some of the most common reasons that a student may fail to pass their driving test.

10. Response to Road Markings

When coming to a junction to stop then make sure that the car has completely stopped. You do not need to secure the handbrake but you must completely stop the car.

9. Reverse Parking

When reversing into a space behind another car then you need to show good observations, good and clear steering and awareness of other road users including cars, pedestrians and cyclists. Make sure you do not mount the kerb and are a satisfactory safe distance from the kerb when you are finished.

8. Move Off Safely from the Side of the Road

Be aware of where your blind spots are and never cause an obstruction to other road users, indicate if you have too. Also be aware that sometimes if no one is around then an indication is not always necessary.

7. Normal Driving Position

Always make sure that you are on the correct side of the road to enable you to complete whatever you are doing. For example, the normal driving position is the left-hand side of the road, in the centre of your lane, not too close to the kerb and not over the centre of the road.

6. Moving Off Under Control

Make sure you are in first gear in a manual or drive in an automatic vehicle. Many mistakes are made by being in the wrong gear. Make sure you have followed your mirror signal and blind spot check to make sure it is safe to move and always keep on your side of the road when moving off. Once in the traffic make sure any indication is turned off. On hill starts make sure handbrake is used to prevent any rollback.

5. Response to Traffic Lights.

Make sure that if the lights are amber or red you stop and stop at the stop line not beyond it. It really is that simple, when the lights say you can go do a quick all round check for emergency vehicles and go. Never approach too quick always be able to stop if the lights do change.

4. Turning Right at Junctions

The main reason for failure here is positioning and observations. Poor positioning, being over the centre of the road, turning too early or too late or being on the wrong side when in a one-way street. Remember in a one-way street you be on the right-hand side of the road unless the road markings tell you otherwise. Observations never cause other road users to brake or change speed or direction if it’s not safe to go then wait.

3. Steering Control

Poor steering at junctions or when driving down the road, too close to the kerb or too close to other traffic, also be aware of the gap needed when passing parked vehicles.

2. Use of Mirrors When Changing Speed or Direction

Use the mirrors in pairs always the centre mirror first the corresponding wing mirror. Be aware that the information given by the mirrors may slightly differ your centre mirror is a flat reflective mirror whilst your side mirrors are convex and will make things look a little further away.

1. Junctions and Observations
Moving into moving traffic is always difficult and everyone’s opinion will differ, what you have to be sure of is that you are safe to move and can show the necessary control that you are not putting any other road user in danger. You have to show that you can safely move into traffic without causing anyone on the road or footpath a problem. Making the right decision on a driving test can be one of the most stressful things you will do as you realise that the slightest error could cause you to fail. Be positive and sure and you will be fine do not hesitate with your decision.

Remember when you take your test you saying to your examiner that you are a driver, not a learner if you truly can’t say that then you need to reassess whether you should be taking your test. 
These are just a few of the dozens of common reasons that cause people to not pass their driving test. Awards Driving School specialise in preparing students for their test and 2/3 of out leaners pass on their first attempt. If you would like to know more or wish to book your lessons, then get in touch with us today by calling 0800 955 3800 or through our contact page.